Sarah Davis' Story

Sarah Davis was born in Hamilton, Ohio and was raised in church and a fairly normal, safe, suburban life. 

At the age of 27, she found herself living what some would consider the “American Dream” life, married with 3 boys and working as a 
Registered Nurse in the Emergency Room. But although her life looked picturesque on the outside, internally she sensed a restless discontent,
compounded with too much religion and no real relationship with the Creator. 

One unforeseen night in September 2007, her path was abruptly disrupted when she was the driver in a DUI collision that caused the 
death of the other driver and critically injured the other passenger. 

From there, her life would take a drastic turn. She was sentenced to 6 years incarceration and found herself living on the side of the razor 
wire that she never thought she would be. Through that experience, her world view and view of God were shattered and yet enlarged to 
the suffering that people who live on the margins are forced to endure. She began to see people the way that God does, in all of their 
beauty in spite of their messy humanity. 

Through her own struggle with understanding religion verses relationship, one of the things she is most passionate about is dispelling the
lies that keep people from drawing near to God. Today she is a writer and blogger, writing about life observations, universal struggles and
how everything matters. She also does work inside of the prison system with the non profit organization, Scars and Bars. She is driven by the
desire to extend the same grace to those incarcerated that she received and to remind them they are not forgotten by God. She is passionate
about advocacy for those in prison, giving them a voice and striving to debunk societal stereotypes and fears about those incarcerated. 

You can read Sarah's blog here: 
Sarah also co-pastors The Fringe Church with her husband Patrick. 

Patrick Davis' Story

Patrick Davis was born in Denver, Colorado and raised in the inner-city of Cleveland, Ohio. Going back and forth as a kid from the inner city
of Cleveland to the middle upper class suburbs of Denver gave him a unique perspective where he can identify with "both sides of the tracks." 
At 16 years old, after being immersed in the street culture of Cleveland, Ohio, Patrick was arrested for aggravated robbery and kidnapping after
a drug deal went wrong. As a young teenager he found himself facing up to 45 years in adult prison for his offense. 

A few months after being incarcerated at the juvenile detention center to await trial, Patrick received the news his brother, Larry (only 20 
years old at the time) was stabbed to death outside a nightclub in downtown Cleveland. Larry was on his way to playing professional baseball
and his life was suddenly and violently cut short. This devastated Patrick and led him on what would be his journey through despair, hopelessness,
solitary confinement and eventually to faith in the One who can make all things new. 

Patrick is an activist, musician, poet, hip hop artist and speaker who has toured extensively throughout Australia, England, Ireland, Amsterdam
and the United States. His speaking and music tours reach some of the most respected universities, music venues and platforms both in the U. S.
and abroad. Patrick's heart and passion is in the words of "G-Dog" to "widen the circle of compassion so much that there is no one standing
outside of it." To create a space where all people, from all walks of life can enter into a raw and genuine community of faith and family that transforms
not only us, but anyone we come in contact with. To embody an extravagant and transformative hospitality and the belief that the Messiah's table
is big enough for everyone, everywhere all the time and even the most broken amongst us can be put back together through Jesus. 

"To me God is not a distant and detached deity but Someone who is here right now amongst us."  

Patrick is also the lead pastor of The Fringe Church in Hamilton, Ohio