At The Fringe Coffee House and Re-Entry we also offer: 

A Customized Re-Entry Plan 
G.E.D. tutoring 
Financial Literacy Classes 
Parenting Classes 
The Fringe Recovery Addiction and Recovery Meetings 
Music and Art Therapy 
Free Tattoo Removal (gang, racist or employment barrier tattoos) 
Post Incarceration Counseling and Therapy 
Mental Health Support 
Job Training and Employment 
College and Career Prep 
Spiritual Formation and Guidance 

**We also offer a professional music/art studio to at-risk kids
in the community free of charge. Here they can partner with
an instructor to  learn an instrument, learn how to produce
music, paint on canvas, learn professional photography
and video, songwriting and more.

The Fringe Coffee House exists to empower inmates, ex-felons and those on the fringes of  society to live healthy, whole lives. Part of the way we  accomplish this is by going inside the walls of Lebanon and Dayton Correctional every Tuesday. Through our 10 week prison music therapy program, Scars and Bars we explore the root cause of incarceration and destructive behavior. Through this program we build kinship with those incarcerated and establish a reliable and steady mentoring relationship. 

Upon release, we provide gainful employment through a 1 year paid job training program at The Fringe Coffee House or other social enterprise. We also create a custom holistic re-entry support plan for each person that will walk through our doors. At the Fringe Coffee House, our employees will build their work history, learn healthy people skills, how to problem solve, work ethic and more and also regain a sense of dignity after incarceration.