The Fringe Coffee Shop will employ ex-felons recently released from prison. This 1 Year paid job training and re-entry program is designed to empower those returning to society to live healthy, whole lives. During our  program, a holistic re-entry plan will be custom designed for each employee that is geared towards removing every barrier possible in re-entry. This will include post incarceration counseling and mentoring, G.E.D. classes, opportunities to connect with a community of faith, parenting classes, drug and alcohol counseling and more. The Fringe Coffee House will serve breakfast/ light lunch style menu, the finest coffee and espresso and fresh, organic smoothie options. We will also be featuring regular live music of all genres, comedy, poetry, trivia nights and more.

Our coffee beans at The Fringe Coffee House from the very beginning are making a difference in the world.
Why? Because we have partnered with Yield Coffee Roasters an amazing local roaster with a heart to match! 

 "At Yield Coffee Roasters, we pride ourselves in being curators of the world’s best coffees. We take excessive
care, working hand in hand alongside farmers and importers to discover bright and brilliant coffees to share
with you. We are intentional about ethically sourcing traceable coffees, roasting each coffee meticulously, and
giving you an exceptional cup with a unique story of each life that touched it.

Our mission is simple: To save lives through sustainable development. All the coffee we sell helps to implement
projects around the world giving people hope for a better future. 100% of our profit goes directly to sustainable
projects to impact the lives of vulnerable people without access to clean water, sanitation, basic healthcare, or
education. Through coffee, we are providing the means for a family to construct a modern bathroom. These
modern bathrooms include a flushing toilet, hand washing sink, and a shower. These small interventions
eliminate parasites that breed in unsanitary latrines infecting family members, especially children. Two of the
leading causes of death worldwide are unsanitary conditions and poor hygiene practices. "