Fringe Industries serves as a re-entry and recovery hub situated in Hamilton, Ohio. For close to 
two decades, we've been instilling hope throughout Ohio by offering kinship, jobs, housing and 
support to individuals who were once grappling with addiction or incarceration. Our aim is 
to empower them to transform their lives, and welcome them back into our community.


Transformation Story

"Anyone who would've told me a year ago that I would have my own place, my own car and a great relationship with my kids, I would've never believed them. The Fringe has given me hope, peace, and a chance at life all together after serving 5 years. I still can't believe it." 


Nestled within the captivating historic landscape of Hamilton, Ohio, you'll find The Fringe Coffee House at 604 High Street. Along with serving high quality espresso, coffee, juices, teas and breakfast and lunch, we are also the largest indoor street-art gallery in Butler County. We provide on the job training, employment, and counseling for individuals impacted by incarceration, returning citizens, and those at the fringes of society so they can live healthy, whole lives.


In Their Own Words

"Explore the stories of impact within our program by clicking the image on the left. These narratives come from individuals both within and beyond Ohio's prison system."

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